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To further food security and sustainable development, Peace Parks Foundation this month supported the distribution of corn and bean seed kits to resettled communities, thereby improving their agricultural production and productivity.

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The distribution of the seed kits to former Limpopo National Park communities was done in close collaboration with the Massingir district government and was preceded by preparatory meetings with the communities to determine the quantity of seed needed per family.

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In partnership with the government of Mozambique, resettled communities receive a supply of potable borehole water with standpipes located within the village, a modern constructed school building and school facilities. Community members are integrated into regional healthcare planning and services and are given the opportunity to be part of a community irrigation scheme. These irrigation schemes include the supply of irrigation pumps and piping, as well as continued agricultural training and support. This not only develops entrepreneurs and provides a more varied and reliable food supply, but also generates income through the sale of excess crops.

Communities are given a certificate in the name of their community for their land, and this land is sufficient for their living, subsistence agriculture and grazing needs. Each individual family receives a title deed in their name for their house and property.

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