What to see

Limpopo National Park borders on Kruger National Park which is accessed via Giriyondo border post. It is an ideal half way stop off point for Bush to Beach excursions between South Africa and the popular Mozambique coastline.


Park’s attraction

The park’s primary attraction is its unique wilderness experience set against a backdrop of beautiful scenery and is also becoming a destination in its own right with wild 4x4 campsites and trails, beautiful vistas over Massingir Dam and increasing wildlife viewing opportunities.

This extensive park of over one million hectares, encompasses vast tracks of wilderness, consisting of a number of different habitats and vegetation types. The rocky Lebombo mountains dominate the western boundary with KNP while the Shingwedzi river flows through the center of the park. About 44% of the park’s surface is an outstanding example of a classic sandveld landscape, primarily in the eastern part of the Park towards the Limpopo river valley.

The Park currently has four resident communities and visitors may get to see them continuing their traditional way of life including herding their cattle between their grazing and curral locations in the early mornings and late afternoons. All species, with the exception of rhino, that are found in neighbouring KNP can be viewed in LNP, Most regular larger mammal game sightings include elephant, buffalo, impala, zebra, wildebeest, giraffe, kudu. The Park also has a diverse birdlife and approximately 49 species of fish in Massingir Dam.

Species you can see

Animals in the park