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If an image is worth a thousand words, then a new programme by Limpopo National Park’s Community Department should speak volumes. Late in October, more than five dozen local children attended the first of a series of environmental education film events in Massingir, the small town close to the park headquarters.

The new programme is intended to educate local inhabitants on the importance of conservation and to increase environmental awareness through the screening of films and documentaries conveying a strong environmental message.

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Limpopo National Park communities

Tomas Mpatua, in charge of environmental education in Limpopo National Park, said, “the initiative is part of a plan to increase an understanding in local communities of the importance of conserving our natural resources and to combat the destructive impact of the recent increase in wildlife poaching. We are feel it is particularly important to work with young people to instill an awareness of wildlife conservation at an early age”.

The film screenings will be a regular event on the Massingir social calendar. They will be held at the local community centre which has kindly been made available by Xonghile Game Park. The plan now is to extend this programme to villages in and around the park. Given the lack of opportunities for evening entertainment in the area, these events are likely to prove extremely popular.

Story and photos by Valdemar Casimiro
Limpopo National Park

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