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Limpopo National Park, in the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park, recently organised a number of conservation excursions for groups of children from local schools. Ten 7th graders and two teachers from Chibotane Primary School spent the day touring the park and learning about the importance of conserving wildlife and the environment. They also visited the tourism facilities at Machampane.

This new programme involves children from schools located in the buffer zone and those villages awaiting resettlement. It aims to instill in our young neighbours a respect for the natural enviroment and show how the cutting down of forests and the killing of wild animals is detrimental to tourism and conservation.

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According to Thomas Mpatua, of the Community Support Programme which organised the visit, “the state of depletion of natural resources is serious, which is why there is need to work on the awareness of students about the preservation of wildlife”. He also said that competitions involving drawing and essays on wildlife are being held at each of the schools, with prizes consisting of school supplies.

Vanucha Daniel Valoi, a 12-year old student at Chibotane primary school, said that he had really enjoyed the tour, which helped the pupils understand the difference between a park and a game reserve. He added that Limpopo National Park should continue with these initiatives so that children grow up with an awareness of conservation. “I learned that saving animals and plants is a way to contribute to our country’s development. Having animals in the park will increase the number of tourists who visit and this will increase revenue for schools, roads, water supplies and hospitals“.

Story and photos by Valdemar Casimiro
Limpopo National Park

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