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The newly appointed governor of Gaza, Stela do Grace Pinto Zeca, paid a first visit to Limpopo National Park during which she presented a cheque for MT1.03 million (approx $30,000) to the local communities. The cheque represents 20% of Limpopo National Park’s revenue for 2014.

Since the official opening of the park to tourists in 2006, the total amount of revenue shared with the communities amounts to MT8.5 million ($243 000), which has benefited local communities in Chicualacuala in the north of the park, Mabalane in the centre and Massingir in the south.

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Governor Stela Zeca meets the field rangers

The revenues have been used to purchase roofing materials for classrooms and teachers’ houses, the construction of flour mills, the improvement of small water supply systems, agricultural supplies, motor pumps, a ferry for crossing the Limpopo River in the rainy season and livestock development projects in the Chicualacuala District.

Story and photos by Valdemar Casimiro
Limpopo National Park

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