The first of the Limpopo National Park senior managers has moved into the recently completed staff housing in the Mozambican park. There are five units of which one is a family unit and the others are four single quarters that can accommodate two people each.

“We tried to accommodate both the Portuguese and Shangaan building styles in the architectural design,” said Airie van Wyk, coordinator of the Limpopo National Park.

According to Arrie more family units will be built during the second phase of the development. The LNP‘s head office should also be completed within the next few months. Arrie said the offices were scheduled for completion in October last year, but should probably be finalised in May this year. In keeping with the style adopted in most of the new projects throughout the Park, the contractors have also adopted a mix of Portuguese and Shangaan building styles.

According to Arrie, the various programmes within the LNP will have their own blocks – these include the head of the park, administration, finance, tourism, media and information. Each block will be colour coded and the logo of the LNR comprising a graphic depiction of a sable, the Machampane River and the sun, will be incorporated in the construction.

A round inner garden court, representing the sun, will welcome visitors to the reception area, from where they will walk along open corridors with a mosaic tiled river meandering on the floor.

Both the staff village and the head office overlook the Massingir Dam.

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